This Mistake Cost Me Bigly

Over the summer, I’ve employed our 16 year old son, Dawson, to do some graphic work for me.

He started building out some PBN’s for me, creating graphics, and basic type stuff.

Once I felt he was good to go…

I let him loose on a client website redesign a couple of weeks ago.

Once he was done with all the graphic work…

I gotta admit…

It looked ‘super-sexie’

I showed it to the client and they loved it.

(Of course I didn’t tell ‘em a 16 year old had done it - but he did.)

He loves doing the design work and some of the graphics you’ve seen from me over the last year, he’s done ‘em.

So if they seem a little prettier - now you know the reason 🙂


I was talking with him over breakfast about a project I wanted him to do…

It was something super easy and…

I had it in my head exactly what it should look like.

But then, something happened that caused my anxiety to skyrocket.

Causing all kinds of confusion.

And doubt.

Know what it was?

He opened his mouth…

And started talking about what he was gonna do.

I stopped him immediately.

He continued to try to ‘but in’ while I was doing my damnedest to stop him.

Finally, I got him to stop talking.

See, I didn’t care how he did it.

I just wanted it done.

The more he talked the more I was convincin’ myself he had no idea what I wanted.

That’s the way a lot of guys in the local marketing arena are.

They get hung up on the ‘geek-speak’ because they’re so excited about the tech side of the business.

Business owners don’t care about all that.

See, they’re worried about 1 thing and that is…

Getting more customers.

You know.. making more sales and…

Increasing the ‘ole bottom line.

The minute you speak geek, you’re losing ‘em.

They’ve gotta keep up with if “Little Suzie” clocked in on time.

Meeting payroll.

And making sure inventory is in check.

They don’t keep up with nor are they excited about feeding your inner nerd.

I know because I’ve been there and done that and the fact is..

It’s cost me BIGLY.

That’s why I’m excited about a video I’ll be sending you tomorrow that outlines the 3 core strategies I learned over 15 years ago from a $5,000 encyclopedia.

Grab a cup of joe and watch for the email hittin’ your inbox in the morning.

Derek Pierce

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