The Truth Behind Affiliate Leaderboards

​​Couple of days ago, there was a screenshot of the top affiliates and yours truly was #11 on the ole’ list.

That was somewhere in the ballpark of 2015 and it was compiled by who appeared the most on launch leaderboards for that year.

What’s cool about all of this is the fact that my list was a fraction of what most of the people on that list.

Now for the stone cold truth about all of it.

I got tired.

Tired of all the launch bs.

​Too many people kissin’ ass.

Of the people that wasn’t taking care of their customers.

​It was like a “launch hamsterwheel” with every day a new GAME CHANGER.  

Where people get a pass as long as their “killin’ it or crushin’ it with their conversions”

For example…

I had a horrible experience with a lifetime deal from an email company where I was the customer…

Not the affiliate.

But just like you the customer on the receiving end.

And the “guy” literally went untouched in all the madness despite hosing over hundreds maybe even thousands of users.

It opened my eyes and changed how I wanted to do this business.

Now, by no means I’m not saying that’s everyone in the launch game is bad.

Or those pesky gurus…  

Nor am I saying I’m perfect in everything I’ve done.

Far from it.

I’ve made mistakes and had to own ‘em.

Some of the coolest guys I know are still doing the launch game.

I chatted with one of ‘em last night throughout the Celtics game talkin’ hoops, working out, and local seo stuff.

It’s a numbers game just like with anything else.

-Church members (not all are good.)
- Restaurants
- Any business you can think of.

There’s good and there’s bad.

But for the launch guys I know- it’s just a bidnass decision.

A way they can bring in fresh leads over and over again.

But it’s time for a reality check for those of you reading this.

Here’s what I mean…

I saw a video from a guy recently and he said something like this…

“The reason I mail so often is because I don’t know where you’re at in your business and I want to make sure you see everything you need to succeed.”

This guy mails something new and game changing every damn day.

Let’s get to the truth about that statement…

It’s a P-C answer.

And it’s fooking bull sh!t.

Much like shitting in a box and putting pretty wrapping around it.

Pretty nice website with a great price for a garbage software that doesn’t work and will not be supported in 3 months.

The reason many mail is to make commissions.

Bottom line.

Not knocking it.   

Because that’s the reason we all mail - we wanna make greenback - right?

But just be real about it and don’t make excuses for it.

Those guys that do this without any concern for the end user are ‘churnin’ and burnin’

They know it’s a numbers game and the truth is they’ll never be able to get off the ole’ hamster wheel.

This is why you’ve seen less affiliate promos from me in the last couple of years and mostly just internal promos.

I felt I was doing a disservice by mailing every whiz-bang software that gets rolled out because it keeps you jumping from thing to thing without any real focus on what you’re trying to achieve.

I promote a couple of things here and there but it’s very, very rare.

After all, if I can’t even keep up with what’s going on - how the hell are you suppose to even use it?

I’m too damn busy doin’ my thing.

See what I mean?

It’s a racket that’s keepin’ you hopin’ from one thing to the next.

And you’ll never get to the next level jumping from offer to offer every day.

I want to be different.

I want to be real with you.

I want different results for you.

Plus, if what I’m doing works - why deviate from it?

And it’s working now more than eva…

So the bottom line in all this is for you to start being the creator instead of always consuming.

The equation is simple.

Create > Consume

And if you want help with that, I’ve got the goods for you with my brand new training and coaching program.

There’s more value in me helping you put all the systems in play, showin’ you what works and giving you the blueprint to what I do day in and day out for starting and growing your digital marketing bidnass.  

If you’re ready to stop jumping from thing to thing…

And get off the launch hamster wheel.

Then head on over here and apply.

It’s a short questionnaire and then you’ll be directed to book a time.

Derek Pierce

PS… If you’re looking for a PC answers and for me to kiss every product creator’s ass and serve shit on a stick to ya, then I’m probably not the guy you need to be listening to.

I just can’t do it. 

However, if you're ready for a real difference maker, then head on over here and apply

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