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The Wrong Way to Do SEO in 2019

​I was introduced to a very successful online entrepreneur a few weeks ago that’s had a major thorn in her side for the majority of the last year.

She's lost sleep and very distraught...

If you do this, I promise you it’s not going to end well for you, so listen up.

Here’s what happened…

There’s a guy that thinks he’s an SEO badass.

Self proclaimed 'SEO Badass' decides to rank for all of his competitors brand names.

Leaving them bad reviews and trying to position his brand as the superior.

It would look a little something like this…

Don’t buy the AssBlaster3000, instead buy me AssMegaBlaster4000

...​it’s way cooler and has a better name.

For starters, it’s a desperate move to talk shiz about your competitor and weirder to rank for their brand in an effort to position your site as more superior.

Reminds me of all the pyramid marketers that tried to launch jack people’s stuff in the marketing space.


Why not use that same energy to rank for something cool?

When you go at it from this angle, you’re just making enemies and it’s not going to end well.

Wouldn’t it be better to build up a site and instead make friends?

Some of the best friends I have sell competing products.

And I’d do anything I could to support them.

Even though I’m not friends with everyone in the space, there’s no way in hell I’d make a negative review post to position my product as superior.

For starters, I've got to much going on to worry about that kinda stuff. ​

So, here’s what to do if you find a bully…

Or to prevent bullies in the first place. ​

1. The first order of business is to clean up the SEO for your brand.

That means making sure all your social profiles are up to date.

Getting them active again.

Connecting them to your Youtube channel, Facebook pages and Money Site.

2. If you’ve not reserved your brand, go to every major channel - Tumblr, Blogger, WordPress, etc and reserve your brand or as close to your brand.

Start posting to your blog, YT channel and connect them all together so they’re updated automatically (IFTTT and Zapier are your friends)

3. Clean up any on - page SEO isssues
- (duplicate content, making sure SEO plugins are setup correctly, Titles, description, etc)

4. Use any assets that you may have not thought of.

For example, use your Shopping Cart urls, Support Desk URL’s, Clickfunnels urls, guest posts you may have done - anything you may have at your disposal that you’re not currently using.

5. Go on the offensive.

Run a ranking report of the bully’s top pages (prefer Ahrefs) and download what they’re ranking for on the first 2 pages of Google.

Take the keywords and build out content to outrank them for their terms with strong SEO.

6. Finally, get some links.

Link to your social profile urls, shopping cart url’s as well as your money site.

7. Be Patient and stay on the offensive - focused on building your brand.

And if you need help, hire someone to do it all for you that’s got a solid track record.

I've done this for best selling authors and multiple 7 figure business owners and here's the thing...

Once you focus on building the "brand"

You'll also improve your overall SEO and rank for all kinds of different terms.

Want some help along the way?

Follow me on Youtube and Fa​cebook (they may look abandoned atm but we're dusting off the ole' cameras and as soon as my face heals we'll be dropping some gold.)

And for the stuff I can't share publicly​ that I do for my affiliate sites and client websites, schedule a strategy session here.

Derek Pierce​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

This Mistake Cost Me Bigly

Over the summer, I’ve employed our 16 year old son, Dawson, to do some graphic work for me.

He started building out some PBN’s for me, creating graphics, and basic type stuff.

Once I felt he was good to go…

I let him loose on a client website redesign a couple of weeks ago.

Once he was done with all the graphic work…

I gotta admit…

It looked ‘super-sexie’

I showed it to the client and they loved it.

(Of course I didn’t tell ‘em a 16 year old had done it - but he did.)

He loves doing the design work and some of the graphics you’ve seen from me over the last year, he’s done ‘em.

So if they seem a little prettier - now you know the reason 🙂


I was talking with him over breakfast about a project I wanted him to do…

It was something super easy and…

I had it in my head exactly what it should look like.

But then, something happened that caused my anxiety to skyrocket.

Causing all kinds of confusion.

And doubt.

Know what it was?

He opened his mouth…

And started talking about what he was gonna do.

I stopped him immediately.

He continued to try to ‘but in’ while I was doing my damnedest to stop him.

Finally, I got him to stop talking.

See, I didn’t care how he did it.

I just wanted it done.

The more he talked the more I was convincin’ myself he had no idea what I wanted.

That’s the way a lot of guys in the local marketing arena are.

They get hung up on the ‘geek-speak’ because they’re so excited about the tech side of the business.

Business owners don’t care about all that.

See, they’re worried about 1 thing and that is…

Getting more customers.

You know.. making more sales and…

Increasing the ‘ole bottom line.

The minute you speak geek, you’re losing ‘em.

They’ve gotta keep up with if “Little Suzie” clocked in on time.

Meeting payroll.

And making sure inventory is in check.

They don’t keep up with nor are they excited about feeding your inner nerd.

I know because I’ve been there and done that and the fact is..

It’s cost me BIGLY.

That’s why I’m excited about a video I’ll be sending you tomorrow that outlines the 3 core strategies I learned over 15 years ago from a $5,000 encyclopedia.

Grab a cup of joe and watch for the email hittin’ your inbox in the morning.

Derek Pierce

New Google Update


I’ve just polished off another cup o’ joe…

Gettin’ ready to start building out a marketing campaign for a local business…

And I’m doing some pretty cool stuff.

I’ll touch on that more next week.

But for now, let’s talk about the recent Google update.


Another damn update - right?

It leaves the feeble SEO’rs scramblin’  and tremblin’

Skeered to death to even look.

No need for all that…

You feelin’ me?

So here’s the process and mindset I take every-time there’s an update regardless if my site is up or down..

And typically there’s a major core update 1-2 times per year that gets everyone all shook up.

1. Don’t take it personal.

Lots of guys think the big G is huntin’ down them individually pickin’ them off like a sniper 100 yards away.

That’s not the case.

This is all based on some machine algorithm and while there are manual actions the big G takes, there’s ways I teach to get around it.

​There's a lot more algo shifts than there's manual actions, so don't take it personal.​

2. Take a deep breath.


Go for a walk.

Turn off the phone and get away for a few days.

Because often you’ll see that once they initiate a big update things are bouncing all over the place.

Meaning once things settle a bit - your site may not have been hit as much as you thought.

During my first big shakeup…

I remember losing sleep.

Not being able to eat.

Not any more.

I slept like a baby last night.

But it's because I've seen these things for over 10 years and know this is exactly what happens every single time there's a major update.

​So, relax. ​

3. There’s a fix.

Realize if you do things the way I teach you…

There’s a fix.

So don’t thing for a second you’re succumbed to a lifetime of doom ’n gloom.

It may take a few days to iron everything out, but there'll be a fix along the way.

​If you like to get your hands dirty and don't mind testing a bit, once everything has settled down, get in the lab and start testing different things.

​First, test your onpage with some basic tweaks.

Then look at your anchors and see if you can tweak these a bit and track the movement.

4. Control what you can.

​Like I said, the first thing I look at is the On Page.

Have I got all my ducks lined up or did I miss something?

For example, the Yoast update I talked about in the Fight Club a couple of months ago caused a lot of peeps to lose rankings and it wasn’t even a Google update but a plugin update!

Next, I look at my anchors and links.

Since I control ‘em all because their my Private Blog Network, I can make modifications on the fly.

Oh and if you’re wondering…

All my sites enjoyed a little bump from this recent update…

So, I’m one happy guy.

Which brings me to my questions for you…

Are you not controlling your stuff?

It’s high time - don’t you think?

​Head on over and watch my webinar where I outline my 5 steps I take in any niche by going here:

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Better Than Evel?

​Last night we watched Travis Pastrana nail 3 of the iconic jumps that help make Evel Knievel...

All in one day.

In case you missed the jumps.

He made it look like child's play.

While impressive, let’s look at a couple of things in his favor that maybe Evel didn’t have.

For starters, he got to study and dissect Evel’s jumps…

Slow it down.

Analyze it.

Breaking down where he made mistakes…

As well as getting it “right”.

When you see someone else do something, your mind then becomes open to the possibility.

To the fact it can become real.

This is true when running a 5 minute mile or building a business on the internet.

Anytime, you see someone else make it happen…

Retracing the steps or

Following in one’s footsteps has it’s advantages.

Finally, I’d like to believe technology made this a bit easier.

The bikes are obviously built stronger, more reliable.

But also we now have the ability to better gauge winds, temperatures, and just about every conceivable “outside” influence that could make or break the jump.

Making this better than anything Evel could’ve pulled off.

These hold true with your SEO as well.

Technology has made it easier than ever before if you know the rules of the game and how to use the bots to your advantage.

And it gets better results than any complicated or ‘EVIL’ link building strategy when you have this as your foundation.

Watch your email tomorrow where I’ll show you what you need to put these bots to work for you.\

If you're not on the email list, then head on over here to get started.

Derek Pierce

Rankings Up But Traffic Down?

I’ve been a bit on a hiatus the last few weeks with the email thing…

Vacation and time away from the interwebs.

Even managed to grow a pretty strong beard with a handle bar mustache that I'll have to share a pic later on with Facebook. 

If you're not following me on Facebook, we're getting ready to roll out a lot of new stuff, so be sure you're signed up on Youtube and Facebook.


We’ve got over 100 page one rankings in a super competitive market and the rankings are climbing strong.

See the screenshot below of our Ahrefs overview of the organic keywords.

However for a lot of these keywords..

The traffic is down.

Which brings me to what we look at when we typically see something like this…

The first thing I try to think about is where the end user is…

Is there something weird going on that takes everyone’s attention?

For example, the week the Hurricane hit Houston last year…

For two weeks, traffic had dropped by 30% for a client in the real estate space.

This type of stuff happens when something “major” is dominating the news cycle.

Secondly, we take into consideration “the season.”

Does our content match something that’s seasonal?

For example, if you’re looking for a kayak, you’re not going to go shopping for it in middle of the winter.

But that’s not what happened in this case.

This was different and I knew immediately what it was because I’d seen the shift start happening a few weeks ago.

And chances are you did too.

So what happened?

Video made a big comeback…

Taking up a huge 3 pack for a lot of terms…

And in most cases I’ve seen, it’s above the fold.

Which is a biggie for SEO’rs

Because you can nab freetraffic from the top 2 most visited sites in the world for your keywords

I recently did a full training program on how to pull it off called the Video Ranking Formula.

In this training program, you'll learn... 

  • How to rank for your most desirable keywords
  • Build your brand while growing your overall authority to your channel making it easier to rank for future content.
  • How to multiple your content using free tools to take up more spots on the home page of Google.
  • Create brand awareness with a huge chunk of Google real estate with these big thumbnails.

All you have to do is order you copy here.

Derek Pierce 

Is SEO Dead?

I logged into Facebook a few weeks ago and read the ad. 

"Email Marketing is Dead!" 

The marketer was selling the idea that the way to go was building "chat bots."

It reminded me of when I first began online. 

I opted into a free report for a product on Video Marketing and bought the product. 

Literally the next week, the promoter was pushing list building saying video and SEO was just too hard. 

Why is it that many marketers began selling their product and service by saying a technique, a competing product, or strategy is Dead? 

Which brings me to SEO. 

I began tinkering with marketing online in the mid 2000's, so I've seen countless updates, a lot of speeches, read a lot of books, as well as conducted my own tests in that time. 

When I began, the way to the top of Google was pure spam. 

You'd simply fire up your favorite SEO spam tool (which was often Xrumer or Senuke) and let it rip. 

Whoever had the most links won the top spot in Google...

Quality didn't matter as much then. 

It was purely spun, duplicated garbage content that would make a site pop in a matter of days or weeks.

I remember ordering gigs of 10,000- 50,000 links to be dripped in a matter of days and you'd see the site pop almost immediately. 

The "Sky is Falling" Talk Was Dominating Then Too

  Speakers and authors of books would give you the rundown about how the sky is falling and you'd get slapped. 

These guys were just regurgitating stuff they'd been told from Google because that's what Google wanted people to believe. 

They never tested linking strategies. 

Nor did they push the boundaries of what was possible. 

Yet, they somehow managed to have a voice on a stage and incorrectly tell people that link building was bad. 

While SEO has evolved and changed over the years, the fact remains, it's alive and kicking. 

As a matter of fact, forecasters project spending to be over $80 billion dollars by 2020

Does that sound like SEO is dead?

"Everyone Has a Voice"

As I mentioned earlier, everyone has a voice which makes it easier for disgruntled customers and clients to be heard. 

Who do you think businesses will turn to whenever anything less than stellar shows up on the web? 

It's my belief this will only increase the demand for SEO'rs that know how to protect a brand and bury negative reviews in the search results.  

Which brings me to your SEO in 2018 and how to get the most from it. 

First, is your on-page SEO. 

This is more important than ever before and should be viewed as a necessary foundation for your business. 

Secondly is your links. 

If you're not building links, nothing will happen.   

It's as simple as that.  If you think all you have to do is create quality content and the Google gods will shine in your favor, you're going to be sadly mistaken. 

There's a lot of different link building tactics, but most do not work.   The only reliable way is what I teach here

Third and finally is your engagement. 

Engagement is becoming a huge factor for ranking.

  • How long is your visitor hanging around?
  • Do they click through and visit multiple parts of your site? Or
  • Do they hit the back button as fast as they land?

This is why it's important to make your content good enough so you're users will want to hang around. 

So, while the process had definitely changed, SEO is not dead and as long as there's a Google, SEO will be a highly sought after skill. 

When anyone tries to say SEO is dead,  you'll know it's another marketer blowing smoke trying to sell you on the latest fad. 

New Reputation Management Video

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