Rankings Up But Traffic Down?

I’ve been a bit on a hiatus the last few weeks with the email thing…

Vacation and time away from the interwebs.

Even managed to grow a pretty strong beard with a handle bar mustache that I'll have to share a pic later on with Facebook. 

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We’ve got over 100 page one rankings in a super competitive market and the rankings are climbing strong.

See the screenshot below of our Ahrefs overview of the organic keywords.

However for a lot of these keywords..

The traffic is down.

Which brings me to what we look at when we typically see something like this…

The first thing I try to think about is where the end user is…

Is there something weird going on that takes everyone’s attention?

For example, the week the Hurricane hit Houston last year…

For two weeks, traffic had dropped by 30% for a client in the real estate space.

This type of stuff happens when something “major” is dominating the news cycle.

Secondly, we take into consideration “the season.”

Does our content match something that’s seasonal?

For example, if you’re looking for a kayak, you’re not going to go shopping for it in middle of the winter.

But that’s not what happened in this case.

This was different and I knew immediately what it was because I’d seen the shift start happening a few weeks ago.

And chances are you did too.

So what happened?

Video made a big comeback…

Taking up a huge 3 pack for a lot of terms…

And in most cases I’ve seen, it’s above the fold.

Which is a biggie for SEO’rs

Because you can nab freetraffic from the top 2 most visited sites in the world for your keywords

I recently did a full training program on how to pull it off called the Video Ranking Formula.

In this training program, you'll learn... 

  • How to rank for your most desirable keywords
  • Build your brand while growing your overall authority to your channel making it easier to rank for future content.
  • How to multiple your content using free tools to take up more spots on the home page of Google.
  • Create brand awareness with a huge chunk of Google real estate with these big thumbnails.

All you have to do is order you copy here.

Derek Pierce 

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