New Google Update


I’ve just polished off another cup o’ joe…

Gettin’ ready to start building out a marketing campaign for a local business…

And I’m doing some pretty cool stuff.

I’ll touch on that more next week.

But for now, let’s talk about the recent Google update.


Another damn update - right?

It leaves the feeble SEO’rs scramblin’  and tremblin’

Skeered to death to even look.

No need for all that…

You feelin’ me?

So here’s the process and mindset I take every-time there’s an update regardless if my site is up or down..

And typically there’s a major core update 1-2 times per year that gets everyone all shook up.

1. Don’t take it personal.

Lots of guys think the big G is huntin’ down them individually pickin’ them off like a sniper 100 yards away.

That’s not the case.

This is all based on some machine algorithm and while there are manual actions the big G takes, there’s ways I teach to get around it.

​There's a lot more algo shifts than there's manual actions, so don't take it personal.​

2. Take a deep breath.


Go for a walk.

Turn off the phone and get away for a few days.

Because often you’ll see that once they initiate a big update things are bouncing all over the place.

Meaning once things settle a bit - your site may not have been hit as much as you thought.

During my first big shakeup…

I remember losing sleep.

Not being able to eat.

Not any more.

I slept like a baby last night.

But it's because I've seen these things for over 10 years and know this is exactly what happens every single time there's a major update.

​So, relax. ​

3. There’s a fix.

Realize if you do things the way I teach you…

There’s a fix.

So don’t thing for a second you’re succumbed to a lifetime of doom ’n gloom.

It may take a few days to iron everything out, but there'll be a fix along the way.

​If you like to get your hands dirty and don't mind testing a bit, once everything has settled down, get in the lab and start testing different things.

​First, test your onpage with some basic tweaks.

Then look at your anchors and see if you can tweak these a bit and track the movement.

4. Control what you can.

​Like I said, the first thing I look at is the On Page.

Have I got all my ducks lined up or did I miss something?

For example, the Yoast update I talked about in the Fight Club a couple of months ago caused a lot of peeps to lose rankings and it wasn’t even a Google update but a plugin update!

Next, I look at my anchors and links.

Since I control ‘em all because their my Private Blog Network, I can make modifications on the fly.

Oh and if you’re wondering…

All my sites enjoyed a little bump from this recent update…

So, I’m one happy guy.

Which brings me to my questions for you…

Are you not controlling your stuff?

It’s high time - don’t you think?

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