Is SEO Dead?

I logged into Facebook a few weeks ago and read the ad. 

"Email Marketing is Dead!" 

The marketer was selling the idea that the way to go was building "chat bots."

It reminded me of when I first began online. 

I opted into a free report for a product on Video Marketing and bought the product. 

Literally the next week, the promoter was pushing list building saying video and SEO was just too hard. 

Why is it that many marketers began selling their product and service by saying a technique, a competing product, or strategy is Dead? 

Which brings me to SEO. 

I began tinkering with marketing online in the mid 2000's, so I've seen countless updates, a lot of speeches, read a lot of books, as well as conducted my own tests in that time. 

When I began, the way to the top of Google was pure spam. 

You'd simply fire up your favorite SEO spam tool (which was often Xrumer or Senuke) and let it rip. 

Whoever had the most links won the top spot in Google...

Quality didn't matter as much then. 

It was purely spun, duplicated garbage content that would make a site pop in a matter of days or weeks.

I remember ordering gigs of 10,000- 50,000 links to be dripped in a matter of days and you'd see the site pop almost immediately. 

The "Sky is Falling" Talk Was Dominating Then Too

  Speakers and authors of books would give you the rundown about how the sky is falling and you'd get slapped. 

These guys were just regurgitating stuff they'd been told from Google because that's what Google wanted people to believe. 

They never tested linking strategies. 

Nor did they push the boundaries of what was possible. 

Yet, they somehow managed to have a voice on a stage and incorrectly tell people that link building was bad. 

While SEO has evolved and changed over the years, the fact remains, it's alive and kicking. 

As a matter of fact, forecasters project spending to be over $80 billion dollars by 2020

Does that sound like SEO is dead?

"Everyone Has a Voice"

As I mentioned earlier, everyone has a voice which makes it easier for disgruntled customers and clients to be heard. 

Who do you think businesses will turn to whenever anything less than stellar shows up on the web? 

It's my belief this will only increase the demand for SEO'rs that know how to protect a brand and bury negative reviews in the search results.  

Which brings me to your SEO in 2018 and how to get the most from it. 

First, is your on-page SEO. 

This is more important than ever before and should be viewed as a necessary foundation for your business. 

Secondly is your links. 

If you're not building links, nothing will happen.   

It's as simple as that.  If you think all you have to do is create quality content and the Google gods will shine in your favor, you're going to be sadly mistaken. 

There's a lot of different link building tactics, but most do not work.   The only reliable way is what I teach here

Third and finally is your engagement. 

Engagement is becoming a huge factor for ranking.

  • How long is your visitor hanging around?
  • Do they click through and visit multiple parts of your site? Or
  • Do they hit the back button as fast as they land?

This is why it's important to make your content good enough so you're users will want to hang around. 

So, while the process had definitely changed, SEO is not dead and as long as there's a Google, SEO will be a highly sought after skill. 

When anyone tries to say SEO is dead,  you'll know it's another marketer blowing smoke trying to sell you on the latest fad. 

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