Better Than Evel?

​Last night we watched Travis Pastrana nail 3 of the iconic jumps that help make Evel Knievel...

All in one day.

In case you missed the jumps.

He made it look like child's play.

While impressive, let’s look at a couple of things in his favor that maybe Evel didn’t have.

For starters, he got to study and dissect Evel’s jumps…

Slow it down.

Analyze it.

Breaking down where he made mistakes…

As well as getting it “right”.

When you see someone else do something, your mind then becomes open to the possibility.

To the fact it can become real.

This is true when running a 5 minute mile or building a business on the internet.

Anytime, you see someone else make it happen…

Retracing the steps or

Following in one’s footsteps has it’s advantages.

Finally, I’d like to believe technology made this a bit easier.

The bikes are obviously built stronger, more reliable.

But also we now have the ability to better gauge winds, temperatures, and just about every conceivable “outside” influence that could make or break the jump.

Making this better than anything Evel could’ve pulled off.

These hold true with your SEO as well.

Technology has made it easier than ever before if you know the rules of the game and how to use the bots to your advantage.

And it gets better results than any complicated or ‘EVIL’ link building strategy when you have this as your foundation.

Watch your email tomorrow where I’ll show you what you need to put these bots to work for you.\

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Derek Pierce

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